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Rules & Info

F4 - To open the Menu

!addons - If you see any errors on the server type this command and subscribe to the addons for the server.
!donate - Takes you to the donation page.
@ - Via in game chat to speak directly to a staff member. (Please do not ask for staff in OOC, if there are no staff available check the official Teamspeak server)                                                                   

Staff Ranks                                             Other Ranks
Owner                                                      Bronze
Head-Admin                                            Silver
Super-Admin                                           Gold
Admin                                                       Diamond
Trusted                                                     Vip-Admin


Basic Rules
- Do not L2AP
- Do not job abuse
- Do not FailRP
- Do not Metagame
- Do not self supply
- Do not use inappropriate job/rp names or change your name to avoid punishment.
- Do not prop block
- Do not RDM or RDA
- Do not NLR
- Do not FDA
- Do not prop spam
- Use common sense

Basic Terms (You may notice on the server)
OOC - Out Of Character
IC - In Character
RDM - Random DeathMatch
NLR - New Life Rule
FDA - Fading Door Abuse
RDA - Random Arrest
L2AP - Leaving To Avoid Punishment
RP - Role-Play
IRL - In Real Life
KOS - Kill On Sight
AOS - Arrest On Sight

General Job Rules (Any General Job)
- Do NOT re-lock your doors during a raid.
- Do NOT bait the Police. (e.g Speeding in front of them)
- You CANNOT scam Gun Dealers/Drug Dealers/Explosive Dealers.
- Being wanted does not mean kill all cops, you may kill any cops that are a threat to you.
- Betraying people you are basing with is NOT allowed.
- NO printing or having any props on the hills (including sniper bases.)
- DO NOT counter raid/mug/kidnap unless you are clearly affiliated with the victim

Thief Rules (Master Thief, Local Thief, Advanced Thief (Gold)
- Thieves may steal any cars apart from Government vehicles (Buses are included)
- Thieves may NOT have 2 bases.
- Thieves may not steal BoomBoxes/baking equipment/explosive tables.
- Entering a car is classed as stealing it
- Master Thieves MUST base with other thieves.
-Thieves must wait 15 minutes between raiding/mug/carjacking the same person
-Thieves DO NOT have to /advert raid and mug however must type a mug in local chat.(e.g Mug drop $2000 or die).
- When PD Raiding Thieves MUST /advert PD Raid *Reason* when raiding PD.
- Thieves may NOT kill a person in a raid when raiding inside town, unless you know that they have a weapon or pose a direct threat to you. Also, a raider may not kill the person he/she is raiding without any significance or warning. e.g. If there is someone walking out of a house you may not just kill them as they have no time to react, instead you would tell them to get on the floor and then continue raiding.
- Thieves can only have a maximum of 2 people kidnapped at one time
- Thieves cannot kidnap people in the middle of the street, this must be done in a secluded (hidden) area.   -  Thieves can only keep someone kidnapped for a maximum of 10 minutes. if you keep the person for 10 minutes and no one bails the player out you have the liability to realize them or kill them.
-  Thieves cannot kidnap the same person for 30 minutes
-  The maximum Thieves can demand for an hostage is 50k
-  Thieves must /advert kidnapping.

Police Rules (Police Chief, Police Officer, Advanced Police Officer Bronze)
-You may not block off the front arch of town
-Minimum bail 20k
- Police may act outside of town for crimes that were committed inside of town, but may not act outside of town for minor offenses like owning a gun, but they may act on major offenses like murder or kidnaps.
-Police may act on someone speeding (60 mph).
-When a Police Officer you must follow and enforce the �Default Laws� and MUST arrest players according to those laws.
-If the Liberator has a law board up in town you must also arrest players according to those laws.
-Police may make a checkpoint however it must be a buttoned fading door.
-Failure to listen to the Police Chief/Liberator will result in punishment.
-Police MUST have a valid reason to weapon check a player
-Police MUST have valid evidence of illegal activity (e.g Having illegal items, having printers, killing people etc.) to raid someone. You CANNOT however say you saw printer sparks through a wall etc.
-Police may take bribes but if found out may get demoted
-The Police Chief may give out gun licenses. (The player must first request a license with /requestlicense when looking at the chief).
-Police MAY arrest without warning, however we ask our users to please warn the player to, for example, drop their illegal gun before arresting them.

Default Laws
Default laws MUST be followed if there is no liberator, or if laws do not dictate otherwise. Laws must be relevant to rp. Laws must be logical, for example you cannot make crimes legal.
1. Possession of any gun is ILLEGAL (Even if it is a default weapon) unless you hold a gun license or you are a Marine/Taliban.
2. Any objects that can potentially be used as weapons, such as pipes or crowbars are ILLEGAL.
3. Punching/assaulting Government officials in any way is ILLEGAL.
4. Raiding or mugging is ILLEGAL.
5. Murder is ILLEGAL.
6. Money printers are ILLEGAL.
7. You must have a valid reason to warrant, want or weapon check someone (Suspicion is not valid, you must have physical proof.)
8. Asking for hits and placing them is ILLEGAL(Government officials CAN NOT do this.)
9. Anyone openly soliciting murder, will be made wanted.
10. Taking bribes as a police officer, if found out, may result in a vote demote
11. Shooting guns in public is ILLEGAL unless it is for self-defense.
12. Dangerous driving or speeding is ILLEGAL.
13. Resisting arrest will result in KOS.
14. Selling, possessing, owning material to process, or creating drugs, guns or explosives is ILLEGAL, and cannot be made legal
15. Selling guns to others is ILLEGAL without a license.
16. With permission from the Liberator/Police Chief you can create and distribute medical marijuana.
17. Maximum speed limit is 60mph unless mayor changes it otherwise

Liberator Rules
-The Liberator can place a law board using /placelaws and add laws with /addlaw *law* and remove laws with /removelaw *lawnumber*.
-The Liberator CANNOT ban ANY job from town.
-The Liberator may give out licenses.. (The player must first request a license with /requestlicense when looking at the Liberator).
-The Liberator may initiate a lock down with /lockdown (to remove it do /unlockdown) however you need a valid RP reason. This can be Taliban attacks or Crime-sprees in the town
-Default laws must be enforced at all times if there is no liberator. If there is a liberator, a liberator must change the law, if they do not change the law it will be kept and be required to be enforced.

Gun/Drug/Explosive Dealer Rules
- Two suppliers cannot base together, they are supposed to be at contest with each other. For example, two gun dealers cannot base together. One of the Dealers should become a guard.
- Dealers CANNOT scam players who are purchasing from them.
- Dealers CANNOT raid/mug/carjack.
- Drug and Explosive Dealers can not sell their Drug Pots, Drug Machine and Explosive Table etc. ONLY the products.
- Dealers CANNOT Self Supply. (Giving themselves weapons/drugs/explosives) the dealers MUST sell their products for money to the public. However, a gun dealer may spawn a gun to defend their base.

Assassin Rules
- Max Hit Price: 50000 (50K)
- Players role playing in your group can hire an assassin to kill any police who arrested you, however, you cannot do it yourself.
- When a player is  purchasing a hit, the player  must have a valid RP reason. Failure to provide a valid reason when asked by staff, will result in the punishment of the player, not the assassin.
- Assassin's MAY NOT have a base/money printers/XP printers.

Bus/Taxi Driver Rules
- You must roleplay as bus driver, and not just drive around.
- You must have a vehicle to role play with.
- You may not randomly crash into other players / props / vehicles.
- Your vehicle can not be carjacked , because it stops your role play.
- You may not use any other vehicle besides the specific bus / taxi for your role.

Marine Rules (Any Marine Job)
- Marines ARE NOT police, meaning you CAN NOT do any police work.
- Marines can ONLY KOS Taliban, but may do so at any time, no matter what.
- Marines can ONLY raid/carjack taliban.
- You cannot use RPG's for single targets. You may however use RPG's for single targets in vehicles and buildings. In addition you cannot fire RPG's at close range or while you and the target are inside buildings.
- Do not attack or threaten local police or civilians.
- Marines can only have 1 fading door with 2 keypads maximum.
- Only marines higher than the rank of major May make forts/checkpoints (but not huge or across map.)
- Listen to your commanding officer else you will be punished accordingly as per server rules.
- Do not spawn camp/trap/block. This means killing Taliban from inside the fence,if after multiple attempts, Taliban can barely leave the fence, you will be asked to stop killing them and allow them to move further away from their spawn.
- Even though you are unable to kill your teammates, don't fire bullets at your own team it's unrealistic and is classed as failRP.
- Do NOT own doors at town or in towers.
- If Marines are asked to leave a civilian's house/shop they must leave as it counts as harassing players and you will be punished accordingly as per the server rules.
- Marines do have NLR if killed by a civilian or being raided and are killed.
- Marines must follow the orders of the PD whist inside the town.
- Marines can not use XP or money printers, If found breaking this rule you will be punished accordingly as per server rules.

Taliban Rules (Any Taliban Job)
- Taliban's can ONLY KOS marines, but may do so at any time, no matter what.
- Taliban can ONLY raid/carjack marines.
- Taliban can NOT steal from each other, or disable the power in Taliban base.
- Taliban can only have 1 fading door with 2 keypads maximum.
- Do not attack or threaten locals or police.
- Only taliban insurgency and higher May make forts/checkpoints (but not huge or across map.)
- Listen to your Leader else you will be demoted from the Taliban.
- Do not spawn camp/trap/block. This means killing Marines when they're in/just leaving the bunker. Additionally, if Marines, (after multiple attempts,) can barely leave their bunker, you will be asked to stop killing them and allow them to move further away from their spawn.
- Even though you are unable to kill your teammates, don't fire bullets at your own team it's unrealistic and is classed as failRP.
- Do NOT own doors at town.
- You must advertise any and all town bombings, via /advert Town bombing. In addition when suicide bombing you must kill more marines than civilians or you will be punished as per server rules.
- If Taliban are asked to leave a civilian's house/shop they must leave as it counts as harassing players and you will be punished as per server rules.
- Taliban do have NLR if killed by a civilian or being raided and are killed.
- Taliban can not use XP or money printers. If you are found to be breaking this rule you will be punished as per server rules.
- You cannot use RPG's for single targets. You may however use RPG's for single targets in vehicles and buildings. In addition you cannot fire RPG's at close range or while you and the target are inside buildings.
Taliban cans can kidnap 1 person at a time and can ONLY do it to someone in a hidden area.

Vault Rules
- You may NOT own the whole of the vault.
- Marines and Taliban MUST still attack each other in the vault, even if an external party is monitoring it.
- You cannot own every door in the vault, the maximum is one door.
- You may not, (under any circumstances,) lock the vault.

Building Rules
- AT LEAST 3 people must be able to fit in the gap of 2 fading doors when raiding a base.
- The maximum fading doors you can have per base is 4 with keypads. for example 3 to enter base 1 for printers and weapons or 2 to get into the base and 2 for printers and weapons. Taliban and Marines may only have one.
- faded stairs, ramps, or walkways must be physical for 10 seconds plus however long it takes for them to climb it.
- No mazes.
- No Stacking Faded doors(IE, one keypad opens to props that are directly next to each other. It stops PD raids.)
- KOS signs must be clearly visible and relatively close to the base it is relative to.
- No KOS lines.
- You may not have a keypad to access another keypad before a door.
- All keypads must be reachable and crackable.
- All keypads must do something. No fake keypads.
- Keypads may not be hidden.
- Do not build or spawn props while raiding or being raided.
- Do NOT spawn props in other peoples bases.
- No using Fading Doors to run in and out of to shoot people(It's FDA!)
- No floating bases (It must have some form of supports.)
- Do not shoot through 1 way viewable props.
- You may have extra fading doors if they are opened and closed with buttons rather than keypads.
- Do not make huge walls, (such as a wall from Taliban base to town.)
- All bases must be raidable (e.g a keypad door before a normal door is not allowed, as the keypad door will close before you can lockpick the normal door.)
- You must be able to enter a base without crouching or jumping. (i.e. No Death tunnels.)
- You cannot make above head height cameras, unless they're attached to a wall.
- No walls that come down to players knees so you can shoots their feet but they can't see you.
- No floating bases (It must have some form of supports.)
- Maximum 5 people per building / base.
- All fading doors must have an easily visible keypad on BOTH sides of a door.

Gang Rules
- RP jobs come first. Meaning if a friend is a cop and he raids you, there's nothing you can do to stop that. It is failRP for him not to so.
- You cannot extort crazy amount of money from people. At most you can charge 10k/hr to not raid someone, however, you cannot assist them if they get raided.
- When in a gang, unless its clear and obvious that you are teaming by means of same jobs names, (e.g Blyx Thief,) it would be classed as RDM to intervene with situations involving other gangs.
- You can raid with friends or affiliates but you must have similar job titles (eg mob-boss + mobsters) and it must be clear who is involved.

What to do with Kidnaps?

When a kidnapping is going down for a government official ALL government officials must report to the place the person has been kidnapped, as it is a giant thing. If anyone fails to respond to the Kidnapping they are breaking rp, and are at risk of being demoted or punished by a member of staff. You may set up a small area (like a yellow tape area, as a real life example) where civilians are not allowed to go.

Now the most important thing is to maintain the safety of the hostage.This could mean potentially engaging in negotiations with the kidnappers, maybe in Teamspeak or on the server to make demands and satisfy conditions. It is very important that the chief of police or liberator steps in and leads the situation!

What is self supply?

Self supply is providing weapons for yourself as a gun dealer.
When playing as a gun dealer you MUST sell to the public in a shop of some sort. Selling only to one group of people or using the guns just for yourself is against the rules.
You may however purchase ONE gun for yourself to defend yourself, if you are selling to the public. Simply spawning a gun in for yourself just to print is against the rules, and may result in everything being taken off of you.

What is Trolling?

Trolling is a rule which WILL result in a ban. You will not however be banned for lots of rule breaks.
The trolling ban, is the repetitive abuse of rules IN ADDITION, with a aggressive/toxic attitude and possibly verbal assault to players and/or staff. Trolling is a loose term, however if you are banned for trolling for simply breaking many rules and you feel it is unjust as you are trying to learn then simply make a unban appeal and we will sort it for you.

What is NLR?

New life rule means that you can not return to your death point for 4 minutes. However, you may pass by to get to different location. Also you must forget everything that happened in your past life. For example, if a thief is raiding you, you must forget this and when he next asked to be served, you cannot refuse to serve him because of this. Furthermore, if you are being raided and your 4 minute NLR timer is up, you MUST wait until the raid is over before returning to your base and you may NOT interrupt the raiders.
Any situation or associated situation that you died during, can NOT be returned to.

What is RDM?

Although at first kind it may sound like a complicated term. When you put it simply it means : "Don't randomly kill people." Therefore, you have to have an actual VALID reason to kill a person.
Some examples of valid reasons for killing people are :
  • Your life may be threatened.
  • Someone poses a threat during your raid (They have to have a gun out or you must have knowledge of them owning a firearm!)
  • If you are being raided this counts as a threat and you can shoot your intruders even if you do not have a KOS sign.
  • Someone does not follow your orders, after you have warned them to follow them or die (however, this would also be fail fearRP which is explained later.)

What is Job Abuse?

There are many forms of job abuse. For example, if you become a gun dealer, purchase guns, then switch to a thief and use them. This would be job abuse and self supply, (explained later.) Or, let's say, you got killed by a raider, so you become a policeman and raid their base, as you know they now have illegal guns from you(also NLR.)

Most forms of job abuse also break another rule, but one not so clear is let's say you did /job assassin. You may now think you can take hits... Right? The answer is no, you MUST pick the job from the F4 menu, rather than simply changing the job name. It is classed as job abuse to do this.

Some examples of Fail RP could be:
- Marine working with a Taliban.
- Homeless driving cars and owning houses.
- Floating bases without supports/ unrealistic supports.
- Anything that you generally wouldn't see in real life, is failRP.

What is fail fearRP?

A lot of players break this rule, so in the most simple way to explain it possible. If you are scared (e.g at gunpoint) you have to do whatever you are told.
A common break of this rule is running away from a mugging when the mugger has a gun pointed at you. If this happens, you MUST either take the death, or simply drop the money.

What is FDA (Fading Door Abuse?)

Fading door abuse (FDA) - The meaning of this rule is that you cannot open/close your door with your key binds or buttons VERY quickly. Minimum time you can have your door open on Advanced Gaming is 5 seconds, meaning that if you have a keypad that is at default set to 4 seconds you need to modify it to 5 seconds. If you open and close the door but don't hold it open for 5 seconds it is taken as FDA. For example you are being raided and you open the fading door to shoot out and close it before 5 seconds.

Some other rules surrounding fading doors:
  • There must be space between to for at least 3 members to stand in.
  • You have to have a keypad/button on EACH side of the fading door!
  • You may only have 4 fading doors per BASE EG 3 for getting in and 1 for printers

What is RDA (Random Arrest)

As an officer of the law it is important that you follow the laws that the Liberator has put in place. If you arrest someone and it bypasses the laws that the mayor has placed this will be classed as a random arrest. If you are sure that you are arresting someone for a valid reason you should always let them know why they are being arrested before arresting them. Example:
"Sir, you are being placed under arrest for possession of an illegal weapon."

Sometimes, you may not have the time to explain to someone why they are being arrested before arresting them. In this scenario, either /advert Jack has been arrested for murder, or go talk to them in the police department.

What is L2AP?

L2AP , (Leaving to avoid punishment,) is a rule that results in a one day ban. If you have to leave during a jail or any situation please inform the staff of your reason and then you will not be banned. If you crash for some reason during a punishment, please contact the staff member on Teamspeak and inform them you crashed and are coming back, (or aren't and a reason,) then come to an agreement with that staff member. If you cannot reach that staff member simply join the Teamspeak and make contact with any other member of staff that is currently online

What is meta gaming?

Meta gaming is the use of out of character information, in character. For example, if a police says in OOC jack has printers, you may not act on this information.

Additional Gun Rules

Child/Dwarf may not have a gun nor drive a car
Hobo may not buy guns but if they somehow happen to find one they may keep it

Rules are a subject to change at any time without any notification!
Upon connecting to the server, you accept that claiming you did not know a rule stated in the following post is not an acceptable excuse.

Rules remade by Technomite_ An OG Trusted Big ups to this lad honestly - Zwolf

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